About the Committees

The assessment development and maintenance process involves the formation of specialized committees for all of the GACE® assessments. Each committee is composed of certified Georgia educators and faculty members from state-approved educator preparation program providers throughout the state of Georgia. Committees perform various tasks, including the review and validation of the content of the assessments, bias reviews to help ensure that test questions are fair to all test takers, and standard-setting activities to recommend passing scores on the assessments.

Committee meetings are held at various times throughout the year, both in person and virtually, as test development needs require. Committee members may also be asked to perform ad-hoc tasks, such as reviewing test questions or test forms, at various times in the year as their schedules permit. If your application to serve on one of the committees is approved, you will be sent upcoming dates when your participation is needed. Please keep in mind that your application may be held for several months before you are contacted.


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